Premiere Coffee Collection

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This collection is filled  with S&D's traditonal blends of coffees and gourmet snacks.   

Contains  2 Kona Classic 1.5oz Coffees, 2 Traditional Gourmet 1.5oz Coffees, 1 Colombian Gourmet 1.75oz Coffees, 1 American Select 2oz Coffee, 1 100% Colombian Gourmet 1.5oz Coffee, 2 Bakery Blend 3.25oz Coffees, 1 Colombian Gourmet Decaf 1.5oz Coffees, 1 Mocha Java 2oz Coffee, 1 French Roast 2oz Coffee, 1 Cape Fear Rum Cake, 1 Box Moravian Cookies, 1 Box Wafers 

Basket contents may vary slightly based on product availability.

Dimensions:  13"x10"x15"