Tea & Me

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A perfect gift for the tea lover, this gift contains a wide variety of teas.  Treat you non-coffee friends with this gift and will be their favorite gifter. 


Contains 100 S&D Regular Hot Tea Packets, 10 S&D Decaf Hot Tea Packets, 1 Honeybrush Caramel Hot Tea, 1 Earl Grey Hot Tea, 1 Citrus Spice Hot Tea, 1 English Breakfast Hot Tea, 1 Bombay Chi Hot Tea,1 Golden Chamomile Hot Tea, 1 Tropical Green Hot Tea, 1 Sweet Ginger Peach Hot Tea, 1 Oolong Hot Tea, 1 White Pear Hot Tea, 2 Packages of  Cookies,& 1 Honey Bear

Basket contents may vary slightly based on product availability.

Dimensions:  13"x10"x17"